• SAANVI is the only academic institution to train defense jobs in addition to inter education
  • Special care on backward students. Getting top marks in inter
  • With proper planning and accurate instruction to make students in all walks of life
  • The limited number of students per class
  • Flavor, and good meal
  • Special training in PET Classes, Mediation & Yoga every morning and evening.
  • Special trained personnel can get a job in a handy style, along with subjects in the subsequent interviews without restricting the fear of their students by engaging them in English.
  • A breathtaking atmosphere
  • Coaching with Study Material under the supervision of experienced directors experienced in job coaching
  • Seperate Residential Campus for Girls & Boys
  • Semi-residential facility will be provided to students of DSLR
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#7-1-408, Mankammathota,

Karimnagar, Telangana District (INDIA)


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